Someone Taking A Risk By Selling Their Porsche 935 Build Slot For R24 Million

Lat year Porsche revealed the return of the 935 at the Rennsport Reunion in California with an epic track-only sports car based on the 911 GT2 RS.

Just 77 units have been planned each carrying an $817,000 (approx. R12 million) price tag but that has not stopped someone attempting to sell their build slot for a very quick and substantial profit.

This will not make Porsche very happy as director of GT-branded cars Andreas Preuninger revealed back during the 911 R and Cayman GT4 flipping debacle that he and others at Porsche found it distasteful for customers to immediately resell their cars at a profit. He added that those caught trying to scalp its limited-run cars run the risk of being unallocated from the production runs of said special-edition vehicles, or being excluded from future offers to buy such cars.

If this potential build slot sale does indeed happen, the unknown individual will make a tidy return with a sale price of €1,500,000 (approx. $1,670,000). This is over twice the amount this seller paid for their build slot.

While we are on this topic what do you think about these retro Porsche liveries you can choose for your new track toy?

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