Larte Design Give BMW X3, X4 and X5 Sporty Styling

Larte Design is better known for adding some style and flair to the likes of Maserati, Land Rover, Mercedes and even Tesla but now they turn their attention to some off-roading Bimmers to give it a little extra flavour.

According to Larte, their premium kit for the BMW is said to embody “the boldest ideas, advanced developments and experience of LARTE Design masters, elevating this crossover to the rank of automotive masterpieces.”

The boss of the range, the X5, is fitted with a new trunk lid spoiler, front spoiler lip, side skirts as well as other carbon fibre elements such as the rear diffuser with aluminium trapezoidal exhaust pipes. Completing the styling upgrade is a set of 22-inch forged wheels.

Much the same applies to the X4 and X3 albeit in a slightly smaller format. The X3 gains a carbon fibre splitter to enhance the look of the original M Sport front bumper.

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