Lamborghini’s Track-Only ‘SVR’ Sounds Glorious In New Teaser Video

Lamborghini Squadra Corse’s new track-only hypercar carried out its first shakedown several weeks ago. The 6.5-litre V12 naturally aspirated engine, which will produce 830 hp (619 kW), will be part of a limited edition model developed by Squadra Corse and Centro Stile Lamborghini.

Squadra Corse’s hypercar features a number of particularities which differ from the regular road car range: the car features a large rear wing, airscoop on the roof and a racing hood with dual air intakes.

With an aluminium front frame and a carbon fibre monocoque, the hypercar has been designed to be of the highest safety standards while an innovative self-locking type differential which allows better driveability on the circuit. Single nut wheels are fitted with Pirelli tyres.

Though it’s yet to be confirmed, there’s talk on Internet forums that Lamborghini might call its latest car an SVR. The badge comes from the famous Miura SVR, just one of which was built for a customer back in 1974.

As a side note, this won’t be the first track car from Lamborghini Squadra Corse as they built a one-off Aventador track car called the SC18, though this model can be legally driven on the street.

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