Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Could Push Out As Much As 500 HP (373 kW)

Rendering via AutoBild

Porsche is busy preparing to add a range-topping variant to the 718 Cayman lineup called the GT4 RS but what will the baby track-focused sports car deliver in the power department?

According to a new report from Car and Driver, the upcoming Porsche Cayman GT4 RS will arrive with close to 500 horses (373 kW) giving it a substantial power hike over the 414 hp (309 kW) Cayman GT4.

The report does not indicate how they will boost the power output but it will likely be a tuned version of the phenomenal 4.0-litre in the ‘regular’ GT4.

If it follows the RS trend then we are unlikely to get a manual offering and will use a PDK auto transmission instead.

Early spy photos showed the car with a massive rear wing, though recent test vehicles seem to be missing the part, instead, using the same piece found on the current vehicle. There should be more openings for increased airflow and other tuned exterior bits that aid in aerodynamics and cooling.

Source Car and Driver
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