Suzuki Jimny Transformed Into Vintage Mini Land Rover Defender

The Suzuki Jimny seems to be rather versatile when it comes to creating smaller versions of iconic cars and now that the G Wagon transformation hype is quietening down, we get a mini first-gen Land Rover Defender from Japan.

The company behind all of this is known as Damd and as you can see the kit they offer turns the little Jimny into a fairly accurate imitation of the iconic vintage Land rover Defender.

The kit includes a new grille, the front and rear bumpers, a new hood, mud flaps, five Dean Cross Country or APIO Wildboar SR 16-inch wheels, wheel arches, and badging. Even thought the lettering (available in silver or black) looks authentic you will quickly notice that it spells out ‘Little D’ and not Land Rover. Topping off the exterior is an option to match the wheel caps to the colour of your Jimny.

Every component can be ordered individually although we don’t think the goal will be achieved if you leave anything out.

Unfortunately, the little 1.5-lite engine has remained untouched which means you get 100 hp (75 kW) and 130 Nm (96 lb-ft) of torque.

The complete kit will set you back about $4,450 (approx. R80k) before shipping and fitment.

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