Suzuki Jimny Gets More Beefy Look by Wald

1970 saw the birth of the Suzuki Jimny, and over the years the rugged little Japanese off-roader has gained the reputation of being somewhat of a giant slayer in the 4×4 community. The appearances of the Jimny could be considered somewhat underwhelming compared to the like of the Jeep Wrangler or the new Mercedes G Wagon, though. Thankfully, the guys at Wald have just the solution to give the Jimny a little more…presence.

Wald’s new package for the Jimny, christened the ‘Black Bison’, basically takes the standard Jimny and treats it to a bit of a gym workout. You’ll receive more flared wheelarches in order to make space for more chunky, in-your-face off-roading tyres and a bumper that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it came of the Mercedes G-Class.

Situated on both the left and right sides of the bumper are four-piece LED lights, as well as having two LED bars on the front of the roof. Not much has been done to the rear of this USN special of the Jimny, however.

Wald has not mentioned much with regards to the interior. However, there’s no doubt that this beefed up version of the Jimny certainly improves its presence in the off-roading world.

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