Twin-Turbo Audi R8 Wheelies While Setting Quarter-Mile World Record

The Audi R8 is no slouch in stock factory form with 611 hp (456 kW) but what if you want to demolish everything at the drag strip?

Well for starters you need to pay Underground Racing a visit to give the naturally-aspirated V10 some forced induction assistance with a twin-turbo install and then you become the first R8 in the world to break the seven-second barrier in the quarter-mile.

Off the line, the car lifts its front wheels into the air and rockets away. It manages to cover the quarter-mile in 7.695 seconds at 196.76 mph (316.7 km/h).

This is made even more impressive knowing the car retains its full interior and nothing has been stripped off to lower the weight.

The Underground Racing Version tune reportedly develops 1,200 hp (895 kW) at the wheels on 93 octane fuel and somewhere between 2,200 (1,641 kW) and 3,000 hp (2,237 kw) on race gas.

The DCT gearbox is also upgraded by the tuner which features billet for the gears, input and output shafts, final-drive gear, and AWD shaft. There’s also a standalone engine management system.

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