Manthey Racing Take Porsche Cayman GT4 Up A Level With GT4 MR

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is a sublime drivers car but if you want to track it more than you daily it, then Manthey Racing has a solution for you.

It is called the GT4 MR and they reckon it “combines maximum performance with pure driving pleasure”, which is encouraging given the standard car is hardly lacking in either department.

The upgrade kit consists of some new BBS forged wheels, upgraded brake pads, coilover suspension, a gurney flap, new air deflectors and MR wing brackets.

Not only do these additions take the GT4 to a new level of driving precision but they also give it an even more motorsport appearance.

Manthey Racing is known for tearing up the Nurburgring with their tweaked creations but at the time of writing, no lap time or video has been shared. We can only assume that is simply a matter of time.

As mentioned, the MR Performance Kit probably isn’t going to be one for customers using their GT4 every day because for one look at that ride height, but track day fanatics will surely see a lot to like here.

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