Porsche 911 GT2 RS Grabs Nürburgring Record Back From AMG GT Black Series

Porsche is no stranger to setting blistering lap times at the Nürburgring Nordschleife so it comes as no surprise that they have officially grabbed the lap record for the fastest road-legal production car with a 911 GT2 RS.

6 minutes and 43 seconds was the time it took the GT2 RS to rip around the circuit but it was not your ordinary GT2 RS. It sported a set of aerodynamic, suspension, and brake updates from the experts at Manthey Racing. Before you cry foul at Porsche taking credit, the Manthey Performance Kit is actually available to European customers through Porsche’s Tequipment accessory lineup.

This record lap smashes the time set by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series by just over 5 seconds.

The Manthey Performance kit includes some aero tweaks which are rather noticeable. Front spoiler flaps, a carbon fibre underbody pan, front-wheel air guides, a new rear spoiler and diffuser, and rear-wheel aerodiscs contribute to a significant increase in downforce. Hiding under the skin is a Manthey-designed coilover suspension kit with three-position front and four-position rear dampers. Meanwhile, special brake pads for the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake system reduce fade, while steel shrouds the brake lines improve feedback and control.

The Tequipment kit is only available in Europe for now and is of course backed by a full Porsche warranty.


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