BMW Sticking To Inline-Six and V8 For Their M Cars Until 2030 At Least

Auto Motor und Sport recently interviewed BMW ex-M CEO Markus Flasch and as usual, he was surprisingly generous in terms of revealing juicy details about upcoming products.

Flasch was asked by the German publication how they are going to make its large-displacement engines cleaner to meet Euro 7 regulations due in 2025. He said that M fans do not need to fret as the high-performance engines will stick around for a relatively long time. “Don’t worry, we’ve found technical solutions to keep our inline six-cylinder combustion engine in the range until at least the end of the decade – for both road and racing vehicles,” he said.

He continued to explain that the engineers have figured out a way to further optimize the combustion process, and regardless of how tough emissions laws will get with Euro 7, the inline-six will meet them. The news gets even better as he was not only referring to the popular 3.0-litre unit but also to the furious 4.4-litre V8.

Unlike Mercedes-AMG who will be introducing a 2.0-litre four-pot in their range, Flasch confirmed that there are no plans to introduce an M car with an electrified four-cylinder engine.

That’s not to say BMW is avoiding electrification altogether when it comes to engines offered in M cars. As you have probably heard by now, the M division is weeks away from hybridizing the V8 considering the XM SUV concept will premiere on November 29.

The only official info available on the XM for the time being is that the “all-new high-powered, hybrid-electric” model is due to be built in Spartanburg as the “new BMW M flagship vehicle.”

Source Auto, Motor und sport
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