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The DBS is not cheap to buy by any means with a base price of R5,650,000 but if you work out what you are getting for that, the DBS is a relative bargain compared to the 812 Superfast (its so-called competitor).

Pricing starts at R953,000 for the GR Supra ‘Track’ model. The standard GR Supra will hit your wallet to the tune of R1,072,300 while the Matte Grey edition will set you back R1,092 300.

BMW took the covers off the X2 M35i back in September last year so it is not necessarily a new car but it only recently touched down in South Africa and we were one of the first to get acquainted with it.

Look there was nothing wrong with the ‘old’ M2 but this M2 Competition is the real baby Bavarian brawler. We like to think of it as a M2 with more M goodness.