Man Sells Testicle To Buy New Nissan 370Z

How far would you be willing to go to own your dream car? We often comment on pictures and videos saying we would gladly sell an organ to own it but I can assure you I would never follow through with anything of the sort.

Some lad called Mark Parisi on the other hand actually went ahead with it and sold his left testicle to buy the new Nissan 370Z.

Mark went on TV show “The Doctors” and admitted the ballsy move to rid of his left testicle after he admitted he wasn’t going to hang around and wait to save the money for the new car.

“It’s a serious car for serious drivers,” Parisi said of the car.

How much did this nutjob make (pun intended) from the sale? A whopping $35,000 (Australian) which is fortunate as the new sticker price for the Nissan in Australia is exactly that.


Source nova969
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