BMW M5 Quicker Around Hockenheim Than Mercedes-AMG E63 S

These two are put head to head daily around the world and the latest test involves publication Sport Auto and the brilliant Hockenheimring in Germany.

Whenever one of the contenders does something well, whether or not it did it better than the other will always be questioned. The latest news is that the BMW M5 lapped Hockenheim faster than the AMG while being tested and driven by Christian Gebhardt of Sport Auto.

The BMW M5 posted a lap time of 1:10.6 minutes which makes it only seven tenths quicker than the AMG (1:11.3) and possibly with a different driver on a different day, the results could be different.

Both cars are so similar, in terms of power, performance and layout, that they’re going to always be neck-and-neck.

One can’t help but wonder if the M5 Competition will truly be the super sedan king when it is put up against the E63 S.

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