Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Pricing For South Africa

The assault of the high-performance SUV continues with the confirmation of the most powerful production SUV in the world arriving on our shores in August.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk packs an astonishing 707 hp (527 kW) and 881 Nm of torque. This is good for a 0 to 100 km/h sprint of just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 290 km/h.

There have been about 70 orders processed nationally with around 40 of these units arriving this year. Adding one of these brutes to your collection will set you back R2,200,000 which may seem fairly high but it comes fully loaded as standard.

Basically you only get to choose your exterior paint colour and brake caliper colour.

We are holding thumbs that Jeep South Africa get a press car as this must be one bonkers car to experience.

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