Next Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk To Be Electrified

Jeep boss worldwide, Christian Meunier has revealed that the future flagship SRT and Trackhawk versions of the next Jeep Grand Cherokee may make the switch to high-performance hybrid setups.

At this stage, the V8’s will not be retired because of stricter emissions but the current 6.2-litre Hellcat supercharged V8 engine (and others like it) used in top-end Jeep and Dodge models are on the way out.

“The days of of an iron-block supercharged 6.2-litre V8 are numbered” said Dodge chief Tom Kuniskis.

“They’re absolutely numbered because of all the compliance costs. But the performance that those vehicles generate is not numbered,” he said.

“Electrification is not boring, it’s exciting. I won’t give you more details than that but I think the sky is the limit with electrification. We can do a lot of different things, and really exciting things that would meet the [high-performance] Jeep DNA, if you know what I mean.” said Meunier.

So what will be used as opposed to the 6.2-litre mentioned above? A safe bet would be a hybridised 5.7-litre HEMI V8.

Source Motoring
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