New VW Golf R To Feature Tech That “Nobody Expects”

Rendering via Carwow

The folks over at MotorTrend recently spoke with the head of the performance-orientated ‘R’ brand at Volkswagen, Jost Capito, where they discovered a few new pieces of information on the anticipated Golf 8 range-topper.

“I can’t tell you too much, what we put in the car, but…there is a lot of small improvements,” Capito told the publication. “The overall car [is] a real driving machine. “

Capito mentioned it will not embrace a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain but will make us of “technology nobody expects”.

What exactly that technology is, however, remains under wraps and we can’t wait to find out.

If the leaked power output document is accurate, which it seems to be, the next VW Golf R will pack 328 hp (245 kW).

Source Motor Trend
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