Next-Gen Nissan GT-R To Pack Hybrid Power

The last time we spoke about the next-generation Nissan GT-R, it had not been decided if it would pack full-electric or petrol-electric hybrid power but now new intel suggests it will be the latter.

“The technology of EV is very advanced, but not at a level in which you can deliver the performance expected of a sports car,” said Nissan’s vice president of global product strategy Ivan Espinosa.

Even though the new Ariya EV would provide a solid starting point for an all-electric GT-R, the battery size, weight and packaging issues remain unsolved for use as an exclusive power source in high-performance supercars.

“The platform is quite flexible. I think the point is not about the platform, but again coming to the battery. There are two things about batteries still in the EV space, one is the size.

“We have a battery in the floor today but it’s still space you need to allocate for the battery. So when you go with the conventional sports car which you expect to have a very low drive, the packaging becomes a very challenging thing.

“And the other is the weight. We are capable of tuning and delivering very exciting performance in Ariya, with the power we’re getting from the electric drivetrain, but still, the weight is an element that cannot reach the level you would expect for a very dedicated and high-performance sports car.”

Source Motoring
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