Upcoming Polestar Coupe Rear-end Rendered

Polestar have been teasing us with photo’s of their new car coming on the 17th of October but this fresh render could give us our best look at what Volvo’s standalone performance brand should be revealing.

Polestar has not confirmed what type of car it will be but the rumors swirling the interwebs point to a sleek and sexy two-door coupe.

Vvmasterdrfan took the teaser shots from Polestar’s Instagram page and filled in the blanks. His render shows a very S90-like rear end, complete with the trademark boomerang lights, dual exhausts and wide hips.

It looks very similar to the Volvo Concept Coupe unveiled back in 2013 which was praised for it’s stylish lines and overall appeal.

If this is how the new Polestar looks, then we will not complain at all.

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